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Can Treating Hearing Loss Help Prevent Dementia?

Recently, a study published in The Lancet, one of the world’s leading medical journals, called dementia “the greatest global challenge for health and social care in the 21st century.” The study, conducted by The Lancet Commission on Dementia Prevention and Care, noted that 50 million people have dementia worldwide — and that the number is expected… Continue »

Protect Your Hearing From Fireworks This Season

It’s almost Independence Day! For many, July 4th holiday celebrations will include barbeques, parades and, of course, fireworks. Don’t forget about protecting your ears!    Before you enjoy the show, follow these safety tips to protect your hearing from the loud blasts of fireworks. 1. Keep your Distance: Adults should be at least 22 yards… Continue »

Hearing Loss is More Common in Men

June celebrates Men’s Health Month and Father’s Day, making it the perfect opportunity to discuss hearing health amongst men. Hearing health issues and hearing loss affect men and women differently. Men are almost twice as likely as women to have hearing loss among adults aged 20-69. For the male population 75 and older, hearing loss… Continue »

8 Things Untreated Hearing Loss Can Impact

Hearing loss is as unique to each person as a fingerprint. No one person has the same type of loss in each ear, nor do people get hearing loss the same way. But, what everyone with hearing has in common are the 8 possible things that hearing loss can indirectly or directly affect. 1. Vocabulary… Continue »

Dementia and Hearing Loss: There May Be a Link

Growing evidence indicates that older adults with hearing loss are more likely to develop dementia. Hearing aids can improve the negative effects of hearing loss on the brain. Your hearing and your brain Think of hearing as a partnership between your ears and your brain. When someone speaks, your brain processes the sounds so that… Continue »

How Does Heart Health Impact Hearing Health?

With February upon us and Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we decided to take a look at research concerning how heart health and hearing health are connected! Research data reveals a link between hearing health and cardiovascular health. In fact, the two often correspond, a healthy cardiovascular system appears to have a positive effect… Continue »

Hearing Tips for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year ‘Tis the season to be jolly. But it’s also the season when hearing loss can become more obvious — and problematic. For most, the holiday season is packed with social activities. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s, the calendar fills with work socials, family gatherings, shopping excursions and parties… Continue »

Genetic Hearing Loss? You Could Have Your Father’s Hearing.

Baldness, freckles…hearing loss?  Yes, it seems we can inherit many of our parents’ traits, whether or not we truly want them.  While we have known for years that different conditions such as baldness, high blood pressure and poor eyesight can have genetic origins, recent studies have revealed more information into genetic hearing loss in many individuals. … Continue »

Do You Have a Mother with Hearing Loss?

It’s Mother’s Day this month — a terrific time to remember and give thanks for all the things our mothers did to make our childhood easier and more carefree. Cards, brunches and bouquets are the traditional way to honor Mom. But wouldn’t it be great if you could repay her by helping to make her life… Continue »

The Alarming Impact of Hearing Loss in the Workplace

Since symptoms of age-related hearing loss may start occurring by age fifty-five, it is safe to assume that many individuals in the workforce are experiencing some degree of hearing loss. Recently, the non-profit Better Hearing Institute (BHI) took a close look at the impact untreated hearing loss has on the workplace — and its workforce…. Continue »