Head & Neck

Head and Neck Surgery

Head and neck surgery is not as common as some our other procedures, however if there is any doubt in regard to conditions around the head and neck associated with pain, headache, lumps, lesions, or any symptom out of the ordinary, it is very important to see a physician as soon as possible. If you do not want to see an ENT right away, please see your family doctor, internist, or pediatrician so that they can make a diagnosis and, if necessary, refer you to an ENT specialist.

Treatment Procedures

Thyroid Surgery

Patients who have been evaluated for thyroid and parathyroid disorders, thyroid mass/nodules, as well as thyroid goiter, are sometimes recommended for surgery depending upon the results of these evaluations. Evaluation includes blood testing, thyroid ultrasonography, and often thyroid fine needle aspiration. Our team will utilize all possible resources to determine your diagnosis and, if needed, identify the head and neck surgery that will work best for you.