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Rhinitis Medicamentosa (aka Afrin Addiction)

Rhinitis Medicamentosa (aka Afrin Addiction) – by Dr. Bryant T. Conger Afrin (oxymetazoline), Neo-Synephrine (phenylephrine), and other over-the-counter nasal decongestant sprays are popular short-term remedies for nasal obstruction due to colds, sinus infections, and allergies. However, their overuse can lead to a serious medical problem called “rhinitis medicamentosa.” These sprays contain a chemical that causes… Continue »

How to Recognize & Treat Chronic Rhinosinusitis (CRS)

Many are faced with chronic symptoms such as headaches, congestion, facial pain, fatigue, nasal blockage & discharge and dental pain. You may think these symptoms are related to allergies or a mild cold but you could be suffering from a condition known as Chronic Rhinosinusitis (CRS). CRS causes inflammation or swelling in the tissue lining… Continue »

How to Prepare Yourself for Flu Season

Fall is upon us again. The kids are back in school, football is back in full swing, and cold and flu season is beginning to ramp up. Here are some helpful tips to minimize your chances of contracting these annoying and potentially dangerous viruses: The most important action you can take in preparation for the winter… Continue »