Genetic Hearing Loss? You Could Have Your Father’s Hearing.

Baldness, freckles…hearing loss?  Yes, it seems we can inherit many of our parents’ traits, whether or not we truly want them.  While we have known for years that different conditions such as baldness, high blood pressure and poor eyesight can have genetic origins, recent studies have revealed more information into genetic hearing loss in many individuals. … Continue »

Do You Have a Mother with Hearing Loss?

It’s Mother’s Day this month — a terrific time to remember and give thanks for all the things our mothers did to make our childhood easier and more carefree. Cards, brunches and bouquets are the traditional way to honor Mom. But wouldn’t it be great if you could repay her by helping to make her life… Continue »

The Alarming Impact of Hearing Loss in the Workplace

Since symptoms of age-related hearing loss may start occurring by age fifty-five, it is safe to assume that many individuals in the workforce are experiencing some degree of hearing loss. Recently, the non-profit Better Hearing Institute (BHI) took a close look at the impact untreated hearing loss has on the workplace — and its workforce…. Continue »

A Little Hearing Loss Could be a Big Deal

We hear it from our patients all the time: “A little hearing loss is no big deal.” And sure, when compared to vision loss, gradual hearing loss is easier to deal with, work around and put off. But make no mistake, untreated hearing impairment can quickly turn into a “big deal” — which may have serious consequences… Continue »

North Fulton ENT in the News

On behalf of our entire staff at North Fulton ENT Associates, we offer a heart-felt THANK YOU to both our friends in the community and our physician peers for recognizing our commitment to providing each patient with outstanding quality of care.  We are proud to share that our physicians and audiologists have yet again been honored as… Continue »

Hearing Health and Your Heart

In February we celebrate Valentine’s Day, so when better to discuss matters of the heart? Though most conversations around the heart pertain to love this time of year, the heart’s connection to hearing health and hearing loss should also have you thinking about your loved one. Studies show that hearing health and cardiovascular health impact each… Continue »

Ototoxic Medications That Cause Hearing Loss

Did you know that approximately 200 prescription and over-the-counter medications are known to be ototoxic, which literally means, “poisonous to the ears”? Ototoxic drugs have the potential to damage the inner ear or cause vestibular dysfunction, which can result in hearing loss, tinnitus or even balance disorders. Many ototoxic effects are temporary and go away… Continue »

Hearing Loss Communication Strategies

The sounds of the holiday—joyous music, lively conversation and family gatherings—are a cherished part of every holiday season. But if a loved one has trouble hearing in crowded, noisy situations, or suffers any degree of hearing loss, the holidays may lose some of their luster. A person with hearing loss symptoms may have difficulty hearing… Continue »

Diabetes and Hearing Loss

Do you, or someone you know, have diabetes and hearing loss? It shouldn’t be surprising. A link between the two conditions has been recognized since the 1960s. In 2008, researchers found that diabetics were twice as likely to have hearing loss compared to their non-diabetic peers. Why the link? The exact causes are unknown. But… Continue »

Audiology Awareness Month

In recognition of Audiology Awareness Month, North Fulton ENT Associates wants to remind you to take care of your hearing by scheduling your annual hearing test. Just as you recognize the importance of getting an eye exam every year, or having a dental exam every six months, it is equally important to have an annual… Continue »