Audiology Awareness Month

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In recognition of Audiology Awareness Month, North Fulton ENT Associates wants to remind you to take care of your hearing by scheduling your annual hearing test. Just as you recognize the importance of getting an eye exam every year, or having a dental exam every six months, it is equally important to have an annual hearing test. If you don’t already have a yearly hearing checkup, it’s a good idea to make it part of your annual health routine for many reasons, including:

  • Hearing loss is a natural part of the aging process and is sometimes so gradual you don’t notice it until it’s too late. An annual test will give you a good head start towards getting the care you need.
  • Your hearing changes as you age. By testing your hearing annually, your hearing professional can detect and measure those changes, and counsel you on the preventative methods or hearing solutions that are specific for your loss.
  • The majority of general practitioners don’t screen for hearing loss, so even if you have routine physical exams, chances are your hearing wasn’t given the attention it deserves.
  • Here at North Fulton ENT Associates, our audiology department has the experience and state-of-the-art hearing equipment needed to accurately measure any hearing loss, assess your unique needs and prescribe a solution that takes all this important and personalized information into account.
  • Your hearing screening is COMPLIMENTARY during Audiology Awareness Month!

It’s also National Protect Your Hearing Month

While you’re in for your complimentary hearing screening, talk to us about easy ways you can protect your hearing and help postpone or minimize hearing loss. According to the CDC, 10 million Americans have a noise-related hearing loss. Don’t be one of them.

To schedule your complimentary hearing screening or to request hearing protection advice, Contact Us.

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