You Should Buy Hearing Aids From a Hearing Professional

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Today’s hearing aids are precision instruments, utilizing advance digital technology that can and should be customized to fit your specific hearing loss and your unique lifestyle needs.

This is why the American Academy of Audiology, a non-profit center for hearing advocacy, published a consumer warning against “do-it-yourself hearing care,” writing,

“The process requires a complete in-person hearing assessment in a sound booth; the training and skills of a credentialed hearing healthcare professional in order to prescriptively fit the hearing aids using sophisticated computer programs; and appropriate in-person follow-up and counseling. This is not possible when consumers purchase one-size-fits-all hearing aids over the Internet or elsewhere.”

While the internet is an increasingly convenient place to purchase many items, consumers should be cautious about purchasing their hearing aids online. Any upfront cost savings will likely be used towards after purchase costs such as maintenance, cleaning or reprogramming an aid, services that are included in the purchase of hearing devices from a hearing care professional.

A hearing professional will ensure that you receive a thorough audiologic evaluation and help prescribe the proper treatment for your loss. Your ears will be visually examined and you’ll be tested with state-of-the-art equipment to determine the type and severity of your hearing loss.

If it’s determined that hearing aids can help, your hearing professional will show you the best solutions to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

If you think you may be suffering from hearing loss, don’t hesitate to contact North Fulton Ear, Nose & Throat Associates today for a free hearing consultation.

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