Patient Portal

We now offer a patient portal for patients of Dr. Conger and Dr. Khichi. After signing up, you will be able to view previous office notes and test results, upcoming appointments, and message your doctor directly.

If you are new to the portal, we ask that you also fill out your health history so that we can efficiently transition from paper charts to an electronic health record.

You will receive an email with the title “Patient Portal” immediately after your appointment is made. This contains your username, which is usually your email. Pediatric patients may have a different username.

Click the blue button in the email “activate account” and you will be taken to our portal, which can also be accessed by clicking the button below. Verify your name and DOB and choose a password. (You will get a second email saying that your password has been changed. This is just confirming that you’ve selected a password. You can ignore this email).

Click on the “My Health” tab in the top left and verify/fill out your demographics, insurance, pharmacy (using the “Surescripts Pharmacy” selection), and health history including allergies and medications. It’s ok to just put the NAMES of the medications and you don’t need to enter vitamins or supplements.

We sincerely appreciate you completing this one-time task, as it will allow us to see you much more quickly on the day of your appointment. If you have questions about the portal, please email and we will get back with you promptly.

Patient Portal